Thanksgiving Baskets

The Tallahassee Barristers are gearing up for our annual Thanksgiving Basket Drive and we need your help! As part of the drive, we are collecting donations and creating Thanksgiving baskets for underprivileged families in our community. After we finish collecting donations, members of the Barristers will fill the baskets with food for the holidays and deliver the baskets to both the Guardian ad Litem Program and the Tallahassee Housing Authority.


From November 16th to November 21st, the Tallahassee Barristers will be collecting both food and financial donations for the Thanksgiving Baskets. Members of the Barristers will use the donations to create the baskets on November 21st, at 5:00pm, at the Akbar Law Firm, and the baskets will be delivered to the Guardian ad Litem Program and the Tallahassee Housing Authority on November 22, 2016.


Even if you can’t make a substantial donation, please take the time to donate something. The community relies on us for this event and your donation WILL ensure someone has a meaningful Thanksgiving this holiday season. Last year, we were able to donate over 15 baskets because of donations from members like you and we are looking forward to working with you this year as we strive towards our goal of 20 baskets.


If you are able to make a donation, please see the list of items that will be included in every basket below. You can purchase the items and drop them off at the Akbar Law Firm, or you can make a financial donation to go towards an item. Either way, please contact Matthew Williams at, or 954.610.5911, if you purchase items or plan to make a financial donation:


1. Turkey cooking bag (1)
2. Macaroni and Cheese (2)
3. Packets of instant mashed potatoes (2)
4. Gravy (2)
5. Can of corn (2)
6. Corn bread mix (1)
7. Canned cranberry sauce (1)
8. Can of yams (2)
9. Cream of Chicken Soup (1) OR Cream of Mushroom Soup(1)
10. Bag of mini-marshmallows (1)
11. Box of hot chocolate powder packets (1)
12. Bag of rice (1) OR packet of microwaveable rice (1)
13. Can of mixed fruit (2)
14. Can of mixed vegetables (2) OR green beans (2) OR collard greens (2)
15. Box of cake mix w/ frosting (1) OR brownies (1)
16. One pack of sweet rolls
Also, please consider purchasing the following additional items for each basket if you are able to do so:
1. Large aluminum pans (2)
2. Roll of aluminum foil (1)
3. Soak-proof foam plates (1)
4. Napkins or paper towels (1)
5. Box of plastic ware (1)
6. Package of cups (1)
7. Bottle of Apple Cider (1)
8. Gallon of water (1)

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